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Newcastle Tech Trust supports and empowers ambitious technology startups and scaleups in Newcastle and North East England. 

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What we do

Technology startups and scaleups have the potential to transform the economic prospects of Newcastle and North East England - but without informed and meaningful representation, creating a sustainable environment that encourages and nurtures these businesses is a challenge.

Newcastle Tech Trust is a group of experienced founders and operators that recognises and understands the needs of early-stage, high-growth technology companies.

We intend to deepen our remit in the coming months, but we're currently focused on two key areas: 

PEER SUPPORT & mentorship

Finding peers and mentors with experience relevant to high-growth technology companies is a big challenge. We connect technology entrepreneurs to founders, investors and operators from our own networks, who can offer mentorship, advice and insight based on their own experience. 


We're here to spread the word; to educate the public and private sectors on the needs of technology startups; to ensure that stakeholders in local and national government are aware of the sector's successes and challenges; to encourage meaningful collaboration within the city, the region and beyond.


Our goals

We've set ourselves audacious goals for our first five years, but we believe that by providing support that is tightly focused on the specific needs of high-growth technology businesses, we can make a substantial impact that benefits Newcastle and North East England.


100 STARTUPS supportEd

We will directly support 100 technology startups and scaleups in the next 5 years.



500 Jobs created

We'll play our part in supporting the creation of hundreds of new jobs in North East England.



Top 20 in europe

Newcastle is currently ranked as the 71st most innovative city in Europe. Our ambition is to support Newcastle in rising to the top 20.


Copy of NEWCASTlE.png

Everyone involved in Newcastle Tech Trust's steering group gives their time freely to support and empower Newcastle's technology sector.

Most are founders or operators in technology businesses; some are actively investing in the sector. Collectively, we've built and managed companies, scaled revenues globally, raised investment from around the world and successfully exited. We've survived our fair share of failure, too.

All of us call Newcastle home. 

Aubrey Chiduku  (Flux Media)

Aubrey Chiduku (Flux Media)

Mary Youngs  (Accenture, Cloud Sherpas, Innoveer)

Mary Youngs (Accenture, Cloud Sherpas, Innoveer)

Deb McGargle  (Seedlegals, Techstars)

Deb McGargle (Seedlegals, Techstars)

Paul Fellows  (Partnerize,

Paul Fellows (Partnerize,

Paul Smith  (Ricochet, Hyperloop One, Techstars, Ignite, Campus North)

Paul Smith (Ricochet, Hyperloop One, Techstars, Ignite, Campus North)

Jo York  (Ricochet, WatchWithMe, Reframed)

Jo York (Ricochet, WatchWithMe, Reframed)

Jonathan Grubin  (SoPost)

Jonathan Grubin (SoPost)

Tristan Watson  (Ignite, Campus North, Love Your Larder)

Tristan Watson (Ignite, Campus North, Love Your Larder)

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us if:

- You're the founder of a technology startup based in Newcastle and would like to connect with peers or mentors in the sector;

- You'd like to learn more about our work and how you can support us;

- You'd like to collaborate with us, or learn more about the technology sector in Newcastle.


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