What we do

Technology startups and scaleups have the potential to transform the economic prospects of Newcastle and North East England - but without informed and meaningful representation, creating a sustainable environment that encourages and nurtures these businesses is a challenge.

Newcastle Tech Trust is a group of experienced founders and operators that recognises and understands the needs of early-stage, high-growth technology companies.

We intend to deepen our remit in the coming months, but we're currently focused on two key areas: 

PEER SUPPORT & mentorship

Finding peers and mentors with experience relevant to high-growth technology companies is a big challenge. We connect technology entrepreneurs to founders, investors and operators from our own networks, who can offer mentorship, advice and insight based on their own experience. 


We're here to spread the word; to educate the public and private sectors on the needs of technology startups; to ensure that stakeholders in local and national government are aware of the sector's successes and challenges; to encourage meaningful collaboration within the city, the region and beyond.